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Music for a Happy SoulMusic for a Happy Soul

The Joy Singers’ first CD, recorded when they were still known as the LA Joy Singers. The songs range from upbeat and positive to inward and devotional to rousing and energetic, yet each one is uplifting and inspired.

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Illuminating Grace – $15


These melodies, performed on flute accompanied by guitar and piano, will send you soaring high in skies of serene joy and freedom. Many listeners have found a renewed sense of peace and deep relaxation after listening to this album.



Joy Is God – $15


Recorded in the calm and peaceful vibrations of the hills surrounding Assisi, Italy, Joy Is God captures and fully conveys the sweetness and deep devotion of Saint Francis.As you open your heart and consciously absorb the vibrations permeating every note, you will find those qualities reawakened within you.These instrumental selections feature flute, violin, cello, guitar, and keyboard and are performed by instrumentalists from various countries of Europe and United States.Joy Is God has been often praised by Donald Walters, composer of all the tracks, as one of his favorite and most played recordings.



Through Many Lives – $15


Recorded live in Mountain View, California, this album conveys the peace and inspiration that the audience was lifted to throughout the performance.Each track will take you deeper and deeper into a state of calmness, bathing your soul in a fountain of inner joy. Many commented afterward that, more than a concert, this was a meditation in music.




Joyful Healing – $15

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 More than just beautiful, this is music composed from a state of expanded consciousness to uplift the human spirit. The magic of flute, cello, violin, and keyboard will take you deep within, helping you to experience a dynamic and revitalizing sense of peace and calmness. $15*
“I would like to say I received the Healing Music CD and it is just wonderful, I use it during my Reiki sessions and during my meditations, Thank you so much!”–Karen, Virginia
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    Soothing, inspiring and expansive.

    — O.H., Los Angeles, CA
  • Janaka Foundation

    The Joy Singers are the grateful recipients of a 2014 grant from the Janaka Foundation.
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