These are the moments…

111614 csl tahoe truckee

The Joy Singers performing at CSL – Tahoe Truckee

…the moments we live for; that remind us again and again of why we do what we do, and why we love it so much!

We performed at the Center for Spiritual Living in Tahoe City on November 16, followed the following weekend by a full concert at Rossmoor Senior Community in Walnut Creek . The response we got at both performances was astonishing!

After hearing the song Go On Alone, one woman shared with us that her son had died a few months earlier, and that hearing the song gave her the courage to carry on and the inner certainty that her son was in a much better place and watching over her.

Another woman, before the Rossmoor concert started,  shared with us that she had been going through a very hard time at work. We talked to her again after the concert, and she was visibly more relaxed, outwardly and inwardly, and her eyes were bright and full of joy. She said “Thank you so much! This is what I needed right now.”

Before we left Walnut Creek the next morning, we stopped at a nursing home and sang a few songs for the elderly mother of one of our Rossmoor friends. While we were singing, another (much younger) woman came in and sat down to listen. At the end of Life Is a Dream we looked up and noticed she was in tears. So we decided to sing Peace. As we sang, it was as if a veil of stillness had descended on us all, lifting up our hearts to a higher sphere of existence. As we were leaving, she thanked us for the music; she was visibly touched by it.

Once again we witnessed the power that music has to touch people’s hearts and lift them from low energy to a high level of peace, joy, and inner freedom. We feel so honored and blessed to share these moments with so many souls. It’s a big part of what motivates us and keeps us going!

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