The Need for Light Everywhere

Last Thursday the Joy Singers performed at the Bliss Art Cafe in Hollywood, during an open mic night.

It was our third time there. The first time we all felt like a fish out of water. Everybody else who performed was either a comedian or a singer, of a kind of music that was very far from ours!

But people liked it, and we got enough positive feedback to decide to go back the following week, which we did.

The second time most people were still checking us out, but they were starting to understand and appreciate even more what we were doing. Some of the comedians commented on our positive energy and were starting to figure out that some of the (dirty) jokes they told just didn’t agree with us!

The third time, last week, some of the regulars started to show a real interest in our music by listening to our 10 minute performance very carefully. One of them afterwards introduced himself as a disciple of an Indian guru, connected to the Hare Krishna movement. He was very sweet and appreciative. He told us “You brought light to a lot of people who need it”.

All three times we’ve been there it felt so right to be there, even though it’s definitely not the kind of environment we’re used to performing in! But if it’s true that people everywhere need more joy and upliftment, much more of it is needed in places where people might not even know they’re looking for it!



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    Pure bliss!

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