Expanding into Springtime

It feels like we’ve been living a metaphor.

During winter (in colder climates at least, not Los Angeles!) plants look dead and it seems as though there’s nothing happening at all. Then spring arrives and everything bursts into life. Just so with The Joy Singers over the past few months…

In fact, it’s only while typing these words that I realize just how true this is: we had our first training session with our business and marketing coach on December 20–the day before the official start of winter! And we’re now “blossoming” with new activity in March…almost exactly a week before the first day of spring. Interesting!

Working with a business coach was an invaluable experience. Our first big “aha” moment came right away, when we were asked to answer questions about our vision and desired outcomes and ideal clients and benefits, etc. We had hardly thought about most of those things and quickly realized that the main reason we weren’t hitting any targets was because….we didn’t have any targets! A very humbling realization but oh! so helpful.

As we delved more deeply into “what exactly are we doing?” and “why are we doing it?” things started shifting and changing. Not much was showing above ground but there was still a whole lot going on under the surface!

In a nutshell, we tuned in more deeply to Swami Kriyananda’s intention for composing the music that we sing, and began thinking more in terms of helping more people, instead of just singing more concerts. That led to reflecting on how so few people have any clue as to the impact different kinds of music has on them…which in turn led to the idea that–if we could raise overall public awareness of the practical benefits of positive music–our music outreach could help a lot more people.

And so, our movement was born! The official name will be the Music Can Foundation and the slogan is:

   …the choice is yours!

Discover how music can:

Make you healthier
Strengthen your immune system
Decrease your stress
Help you feel more relaxed
Improve your sleep
Increase your optimism
Help you through hard times
Raise your consciousness
Strengthen your determination
Help you cope
Build your faith
Ignite your motivation
Open your heart
Uplift you
Inspire you
Energize you
Comfort you
Heal your life
Help you find joy and peace within yourself
And much, much more!

Our first baby step towards raising awareness is our March 31st Interactive Concert of Positive Music, which you can read about on our events page.

And that’s enough for one blog post. Much more to come… 🙂

photo credit: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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  1. Kathryn Anderson says:

    On this rainy San Francisco day, I am having a love fest with the LA Joy Singers. I have relived the sweet memories of Christmas by listening to “The Christmas Mystery” and “The Christ Child’s Asleep” and now preparing for the rebirth of spring with “Expanding Into Spring.” It is all so lovely (except seeing and listening to you reminds me how much I miss you!) Congratulations on your fabulous work!!

    March 15, 2012 at 1:24 pm | Permalink

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