Songs that go straight to the heart to uplift and inspire.

The Joy Singers sing music that expresses spiritual aspiration and a desire for a more meaningful way of life. Their music is simple, yet beautiful, specializing in uplifting songs, inspirational music, meaningful song lyrics, and songs that make people happy.

Photo of The Joy Singers

The Joy Singers leading a congregation in joyful song

Let your soul rise in joy.

Group members have performed and recorded in many countries, inspiring thousands of people with a new and more uplifted view of life through music. The purpose of The Joy Singers is to make Ananda Music more widely known throughout the world.

We believe The Joy Singers’ music is destined to have a major impact on society, especially in the coming times.

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    “Your singing is a soothing balm for both the loving and the hurting heart.” — Anonymous message found on our guitar after performing at the SLC in Lake Tahoe, CA

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